Sell established websites and buy profitatable websites on! - is a new project of well-known company CHECKPAGERANK.NET which, for the last 8 years, developed a reputation as a leader in search engines optimisation and also in analysis of websites and domain names. The concept of SellWebsite lies in providing internet customers a trading platform where high quality internet sites/Domains with a proven income and traffic can be sold and bought. The sites/domains of doubtful quality or content are excluded from the trading. Our team is proud of the high quality of service provided which is taken as a new standard in internet business.

SellWebsite enables you to negotiate anonymously through a traditional offer/counter-offer system. The easiest way to express interest is by making an offer. Many websites/domains are open to negotiation, while some are listed with fixed, Buy Now prices for a quick option. You can always check your negotiations history at My Office page. Listing on is free!

Additional Guidelines:

In order to provide the best possible marketplace for buyers and sellers, we request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. All listings must have an asking price.(you are free to change it at any time)
  2. No external links are permitted.
  3. Listings may not promote or link to any products, services, companies, or sites other than the website listed.
  4. No illegal or hateful content is permitted.
  5. No pyramid or spam-related content is permitted.
  6. In order to be listed on the website must have at least some traffic, pagerank and/or revenue.

Any website that violates any of our guidelines may be rejected, or deleted without notice.